Schilderen in Portugal * Carvalhal

Twice a year- once in spring and once in autumn - Monte do Casarão organizes a painting week. The course is for beginners and advanced students. You can paint or sketch using any technique and any materials you like.s.

Painting weeks in 2023:

April 12 - April 19

October 4 - October 11



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December. Mushroom time. It's colder and wetter, just like last month, and mushrooms love that. Parasol fungi and mushrooms have had their day, but there is so much more. The amanita caesaria, Caesar´s mushroom, for example. In northern Europe, it is barely found. Here it is. It emerges from the ground as an egg and grows into a large, shiny, ochre-yellow mushroom with a cap of up to 18 cm. It does not have its name for nothing: a mushroom worthy of an emperor. So delicious! With the truffle, it competes for first place culinarily. Another present for us!



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