Cork Harvest

Even though Monte do Casarão is a former eucalyptus plantation, there are many cork oaks as well. Once every ten years (the ten-year-period is verified on the basis of the tree rings in the bark) the tree can be divested of its bark, i.e. the cork.

The seven of us did the job: four cork cutters (the trade is handed down from father to son), two dogsbodies and one young man who painted the number 8 (from 2008) on the denuded trees. The cork was cut in the course of one Saturday, and the Monday after it was moved in front of Casarão Velho. After it had dried for four weeks, the cork was weighed and sold.

Our first harvest yielded 124 arrobas (one arroba is about 15 kilos). Since only part of our cork oaks have been peeled, we stand to expect a similar amount every third year.

The funny thing is that for the cork to be cut at all, we needed to have a road constructed through the valley behind Casa Boa. This road was constructed a few days before the cork cutters arrived. None of us noticed a thing. All of a sudden, it was simply there.
35 hectares is a lot of land!


Schilderen in Portugal * Carvalhal

Twice a year- once in spring and once in autumn - Monte do Casarão organizes a painting week. The course is for beginners and advanced students. You can paint or sketch using any technique and any materials you like.s.

Painting weeks in 2023:

April 12 - April 19

October 4 - October 11



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March. Every month, a local village focuses on a particular product in the then specially organised gastronomic week. In one village, sardines take centre stage and you can taste all kinds of dishes using sardines, while in another village the theme is cheese, sweet potato, wine, pumpkin, corn or whatever.

In March, it will be Odemira's turn. The theme is Medronho & Mel, medronho (the local liquor) and honey. All the secrets of medronho will be unravelled. You will have the opportunity to follow the whole process of distilling in different distilleries, at other locations you will be shown what else is made from medronho. And then taste it in the participating restaurants.

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