Walking in Portugal

All you need for your walks in this beautiful, virgin part of the Alentejo is a pair of good shoes, a cap, a rucksack containing a bottle of water, a camera, binoculars and some food. Depending on the weather, a sweater or a rain jacket might come in handy. That’s all. From the Monte do Casarão you can walk forever. Take to the hills from the doorstep of your holiday home, from your own mountain.

The ultimate hiking area

We have plotted various walking tours, but with your GPS or some explanation on our part, you can’t really lose your way. If you like, we’ll act as guides, in which case we’ll take the small roads that haven’t been signposted.
The Alentejo is the ultimate hiking area anyway. We can supply route maps to various longer or shorter walks.

Rota Vicentina

Early in 2012, the Rota Vicentina was added: a 300-kilometre footpath, part of which follows the craggy coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The route has evoked only enthusiastic responses. And that is totally justified.


Twice a year- once in spring and once in autumn - Monte do Casarão organizes a painting week. The course is for beginners and advanced students. You can paint or sketch using any technique and any materials you like. The Dutch Jenny Helder will support and coach the students during both art weeks.

Painting weeks in 2019:

April 11 - April 18

October 3 - October 10



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October: the olives are ready to be picked. Olives cannot be eaten from the tree just like this. They are way too bitter. To get rid of the bitter taste they must be rinsed with clean water every day for forty days and then they can be put in salt. Salt with water, to be precise. Over the years I have learned how much salt needs to be added to a liter of water. If you add too much, they are too salty, if you add too little, they will spoil.
Oregano, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, everything can be added. With an emphasis on can. It is not necessary. The olives are a delicacy after forty days of their own.

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