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Schilderen in Portugal * Carvalhal

Twice a year- once in spring and once in autumn - Monte do Casarão organizes a painting week. The course is for beginners and advanced students. You can paint or sketch using any technique and any materials you like.s.

Painting weeks in 2023:

April 12 - April 19

October 4 - October 11



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September. Helping with the wine harvest is a new experience for many of our guests - big and small. They don't usually do this in everyday life. They help prune in May and pick in August. The grapes have now been pressed and clarified and now, with the alcohol content right, the wine is put into five- and 10-litre bottles. A water seal goes on the bottles to ensure the malic acid disappears. In a month or so, the wine can be bottled. Estimates this year are around 80 bottles of white (30 chardonnay and 50 sauvignon) and 180 bottles of red. Looks promising again!


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