Painting Holiday in Portugal

The painting weeks at Monte do Casarão in 2023 are from:

  • April 12th to April 19th
  • October 4th to October 11th

You can paint or sketch using any technique and any materials you like. The group will consist of 15 persons at most. Margot Maria Verhoeven, a gifted Dutch painter and an inspiring teacher, is happy to support and coach the students during both art weeks. The course is for beginners and for advanced students.

Where to stay

You will be staying in one of Monte do Casarão’s attractive and comfortable cottages with breath-taking views: in Casa Marcanta, Casa Boa or Casa Valorosa (each with two double bedrooms and one bathroom) or in Casa Basta (with three double rooms and two bathrooms). Food, drink and transport (from and to Faro airport, on Monte do Casarão and to the painting locations) are taken care of.

What are the costs

The costs for the all-inclusive art week amount to € 810 (769) per person (flight and art material not included), based on one person per room. If you share a room with another student, you pay only € 610 (579) per person. You can also bring your partner/daughter/son/or friend. Non-students get a € 75 discount on the prices mentioned before. The maximum number of people in Casa Basta is 6; the maximum number in Casa Marcanta, Casa Boa and Casa Valorosa is 4.

If you don´t want to take part in the all-inclusive offer, you pay the rent of the cottage (at least during the painting week) + €345 ( 328) per student. A possibility for those who like to come with non-painting friends or relatives. The costs of living and transport you have to pay yourselves.

We have some places left for those who live nearby and only want to take part in a few painting days. Costs are € 31,50 per morning or afternoon. Lunch € 8.

Paintingprogramme 2023


The painting course 2023 is from

Wednesday April 12th – Wednesday April 19th

and from

Wednesday October 4th – Wednesday October 11th






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    Março. Cada mês, uma aldeia local concentra-se num determinado produto na semana gastronómica então especialmente organizada. Uma aldeia concentra-se na sardinha e pode provar todo o tipo de pratos usando sardinhas, a outra no queijo, batata doce, vinho, abóbora, milho ou o que quer que seja.

    Em Março, será a vez de Odemira. O tema é Medronho & Mel, medronho (o licor local) e mel. Todos os segredos de Medronho serão desvendados. Terá a oportunidade de acompanhar todo o processo de destilação em diferentes destilarias, noutros locais ser-lhe-á mostrado o que mais é feito de medronho. E depois prová-lo nos restaurantes participantes.

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